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Phill Raymond is a highly talented musician known for his captivating CD releases and electrifying live performances. With a passion for both original compositions and selected cover versions of songs by influential artists, he creates a mesmerizing blend of music that showcases his diverse range of influences throughout his career.

Phill collaborates with a professional pool of award-winning musicians, ensuring that each performance is a true musical masterpiece. From soulful acoustic blues solos and duets to dynamic trios and quartets, and even expansive seven-piece lineups, he tailors his arrangements to suit any occasion.

Having embarked on a remarkable music journey, Phill has had the privilege of working alongside numerous local legends in the Australian music industry. Additionally, he has shared the stage as a Support Act with internationally renowned artists such as Andy Gibb, Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary), and Ralph McTell (Streets of London), further cementing his reputation as a standout performer.

Phill's musical repertoire draws primarily from the blues and its derivatives, showcasing his mastery of various styles he has played, performed, and been deeply influenced by throughout his career. From classic blues and blues rock to soulful rhythm & blues and contemporary acoustic styles, his music transcends boundaries and resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

His latest CD release, "Lovin' Every Day of These Blues" by Phill Raymond, takes listeners on a nostalgic journey to the 1950s with its heartfelt blues tracks, infectious boogies, and a touch of Bossa Nova balladry. This album is a testament to Phill's ability to evoke powerful emotions through his music while paying homage to the roots of the blues genre.


November 2019

'Phill Raymond - Lovin' Every Day of These Blues'

A 6 track CD with 5 original songs and a licensed cover version of the Lonnie Mack song 'STOP'.

Recorded at Chris Wilson Recordings Melbourne Australia with award winning musicians:

Roland Kretschmer - Lead Guitar

Brian G. Fraser - Lap Steel & Slide Guitar

David Hoysted - Keyboard

Chris Wilson - Keyboard

Barry Hills - Bass Guitar

Rob O'Toole - Drums

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Wilson.

Produced by Phill Raymond and Barry Hills.

  • #7 December 2019 Australian Blues & Roots Airplay Charts
  • #22 January 2020 UK Independent Blues Broadcasters Association

December 2015

A 6 track CD which includes a licensed cover version of the Tim Buckley song 'Move With Me'. 

'CECIL B. FARDOULLI & THE BIG BOO' - "A Foot a'Tappin' Boogie"'

Recorded at Studio 52 in Melbourne Australia - Engineer Trevor Carter.
Produced by
Phill Raymond.

Phill on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar together with
Australian Blues - Lead & Slide
Guitarists Billy Kavanagh
as the Acoustic Blues Duo - '

#25 December 2015 Australian Blues & Roots Airplay Charts (Top 25)
on to peak at #10 in Jan 2016.

March 2021

Re-release package of 6 original songs, 5 recorded in 1996 plus one song from 1976

'Phill Raymond - The Last Pie Van'

Tracks 1 - 5

Phill Raymond - Lead Vocal/ Rhythm Guitar

Ross S. Ward - Lead & Slide Guitar/Mandolin

Johnathan Harris - Bass Guitar

John Farrell - Drums.

 'The Latex Ladies' - Meagan Young, Liz May and Colleen Dalli Harmony vocals

Recorded at John Farrells Studio Lounge - Ballina NSW Australia.

Track 6: 'Break Free 76' recorded in 1976

Phill on Vocal/Rhythm Guitar
Ralph Graham on Lead Guitar.